Narcotics, Gangs, Vice and Financial
Investigations Training Conference                              

                 January 8th-12th, 2018, Nashville, TN


This is a specialized 5 day (36 hour) training program designed for Gangs, Vice, Narcotics and Fraud Investigators.  This training course is designed to teach investigators the proper methods to conduct thorough financial investigations.  Many times cases end once the arrests have been made. This training will provide investigators the tools and insight on how to continue financial investigations in order to complete a total criminal investigation.  

This training will provide cover Basic Asset Forfeiture Investigations as well as Advanced Asset Forfeiture Investigations. Investigators wil be provided numerous documents, go-by templates and case studies which will assist them in future investigations.  The instructor for these training blocks is one of the best financial investigators in the country with over 23 years of law enforcement experience. Money Laundering issues will be explored in depth in this training conference.    

Gang members are now heavy in the fraud aspect of Credit Card skimming, Identity Theft and IRS Tax Return fraud.  These subjects are making billions of dollars each year in these new and upcoming fraud schemes. Investiagtors will learn how to discover fraud related activities and how to prosecute the subjects involved.  Interdiction Officers and Patrol Officers are seeing a surge with subjects utilizing Gift Cards and Pre-loadable Debit Cards.  These are often tools that are used to transfer drug money. This is an effective method being used to avoid narcotics K9 drug detection on U.S currency.

Officer safety and special details such as "Club Details" and Multi-Agency Task Forces are used to target subjects.  The Tactical Narcotics Techniques theory will be covered, which will show how to conduct operations that target problem area's that are suffering from narcotics violators and prostitution subjects.  Undercover street level narcotics reverses will be covered, showing how to investigate narcotics and gang related subjects and how to utilize Reverse Sting Operations in order to target Drug Trafficking Organizations.   

The training will also detail how to conduct financial investigations on subjects and businesses that are involved in prostitution and organized crime activities.  Many agencies go for the quick fix of closing a business and chasing subjectcs to another location.  This training will show Investigators to how utilize "Sneak and Peek" search warrant investigations to legally enter businesses and install surviellance equipment to video tape workers and John's involved in prostitution crimes. Sneak and Peek search warrants are a key factor which can be used to further financial investigations on organized crime. Case studies will be presented to show how to follow the money trail as a result of conducting proper investigations.  

Escort Agencies thrive in every city in the U.S and are often neglected. Many of these agencies are often involved in Human Trafficking as well as prostitution.  Case studies and undercover techniques will be covered in the training class to show investigators various methods of investigations. Escort Agencis are a perfect front for Money Laundering subjects as most customers pay with cash.  The financial investigation aspect of working Escort Agencies will be covered in detail.

This is a must see training class for all investigators.  This is the most comprehensive training block being offered for narcotics, gang, vice, fraud and street crimes investigators in the country.  Many of our attendees have followed up with success stories after attending this specialized training. Be sure to register early as class space is limited.  Group rates are also available for this training.  


                        The Conference Program



                                         Reverse Sting Operations

                                         Buy/Bust Operations

                                         Basic Asset Foreiture

                                         Advanced Asset Forfeiture

                                         Escort Agency Investigations

                                         Sneak and Peek Warrants          

                                        Tactical Narcotics Techniques

                                        Gangs and Fraud Investigations

                                         Credit Card Skimming Identifications

                                         IRS Tax Return Fraud Investigations

                                         Money Laundering Investigations

                                         Gift Card and Pre Loadable Credit Cards

                                         Undercover Storefront Operations

                                         Use of Covert Electronic Equipment



 Conference Instructors



Mike DeMarcus

Mike is a retired Detective from the North Miami Beach Police Department and has 21 years of law enforcement experience.  Mike worked in the Special Investigations Division for over 14 years and completed assignments with a Drug Enforcement Administration narcotics task force and a State of Florida narcotics and money laundering task force. He worked as a Marine Enforcement Officer for three years and was cross designated as a U.S Customs Blue Lightening Officer.  Mike has extensive experience in cocaine trafficking cases, indoor marijuana grow house investigations, money laundering investigations, long-term gang related street level crack cocaine investigations and ecstasy/club drug investigations.  Mike participated in one of the largest ecstasy reverses in the history of Florida. He has served as the case agent on numerous long term investigations targeting gang members and narcotics dealers.  Mike has taught over 1000 law enforcement agencies from around the world.  He has been a guest speaker at the Florida Narcotics Officers Association, the New Jersey Narcotics Officer Association, the International Undercover Officers Association, the Regional Organized Crimes Information Center National Conference and was a guest speaker at the Norwegian Narcotics Officers Association in Oslo, Norway.  

Craig Catlin

Craig is a Detective with the North Miami Beach Police Department and has 18 years of law enforcement experience.  Craig currently is a member of the Street Crimes Unit working as a gang detective.  Craig is the most renown officer in the country in working gangs that are involved in credit card fraud, identity theft and IRS income tax fraud investigations.  He is a Taskf Force Officer for the Secret Service, IRS and ICE.  Craig's investigations have resulted in the seizure of millions of dollars over the past few years.  In 2012, he was awarded the International Fraud Investigator of the Year as a gang detective.  He has been profiled on CNN, FOX News, 60 Minutes and other media outlets for his investigations into gang fraud. Craig's training segement is a must see training for law enforcement officers on every level.  

Steve Migioia

Steve is a retired Special Agent with the Drug Enforcement Adminsitration with over 23 years of law enforcement experience. Steve is a leading authority in the U.S on Asset Forfeiture and Money Laundering Investigations.  His cases have lead to the seizure of millions or dollars and the successful prosection of subjects and businesses involved in the narcotics trade.  Steve has taught thousands of law enforcement officer from around the world and still presents training courses at the DEA training facility in Virginia.  Steve's presentation include numerous documents and go by case studies which will be issued to investigators for them to use on future financial investigations.                           


  Narcotics, Gangs, Vice and Financial Investigations

               January 8th-12th, 2018, Nashville, TN




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The tuition for the training is $460.00 per student.  Please submit            payment by check or money order with this registration form or register on line at  Class space is limited and students will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.  Due to the limited space, full tuition must be received two weeks prior to the conference to ensure class space.

The training will be conducted at the Federal ROCIC Training Center located at 545 Marriott Drive, Suite 850 in Nashville.  The recommended hotel is the Best Western Plus Nashville Airport located at 911 Airport Center Drive. The hotel is offering an $89.00 per night rate.  The hotel is approximately 2 miles from the training center.  Reservations can be made at 615-872-0109. 

Registrations can be faxed to (770) 486-2092 or mailed to:   

Law Enforcement Training Associates, Inc.                                        

Post Office Box 2745                                                                    
Peachtree City, GA 30269

Registration fee for the program includes the cost of instruction, handout materials, certificate of completion.  Class room dress is casual and training will be held from 8:30 a.m to 4:30 p.m Monday-Thursday and from 8:30 a.m to noon on friday.  If you have any questions please contact Mike DeMarcus at (305) 986-5476.